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INSTHEA provides counselling, coaching and training. We offer services for individuals and groups. Our methods are based on the newest research. At present we are operating solely online.

We offer free 30 minutes consultation. Drop us a line and appoint a call!

The standard price* for an hour (online):
individual 40 £ / hour
group training 120 £ / hour

(max 20 people)

*Prices of bespoke solutions vary

Our approach

With our help groups and individuals can start a significant change in their lives and work. INSTHEA is focused on future and progress, so learning and development are crucial for us. We think of ourselves as integrative psychologists. It means that we combine various psychotherapeutic approaches to get best results. We adapt our tools and methods to a client’s problem, thus we use many of them.

Most common problems people contact us about include:


Social anxiety
Anxiety management
Stress management
Conflict resolution
Public speaking and presentations
CV revision and career planning
Burn-out and career change
Time management
Individual psychological testing: aptitude assessment


Public speaking and presentation skills
Communication with clients
Intercultural skills for global business
Personality tests
Remote work
Diversity and inclusion
Conflict resolution

Serious games (games developing psychological skills):

If you need a test, we can do it for you, and in case there is no suitable test, we will elaborate one. INSTHEA stands out by its use of game design for training purposes, so we can showcase a few examples of how games can be used in psychological work.

  1. The stock of solutions: a game developing collaborative spirit in a team
  2. The lost notice : a game developing collaborative spirit in a team
  3. The malicious custom officer: a game developing collaborative spirit in a team
  4. Wrong questions: a game addressing an issue of gender diversity in the workplace

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