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Research & Data Science

I have known Dr Sadurska for over ten years; first as her student at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences, and later as a collaborator on various research projects. Thus, I believe that I’m in a good position to comment on her accomplishments, potential, and personal qualities. Magda has a broad range of skills and talents and is a superior teacher, mentor, and colleague. Her courses at the university were among the most popular and her students loved her. She has played a key role in me choosing a career academia and had, quite successfully, prepared me for me for it. More recently, Magda has proven to be a dependable, resourceful and hard working collaborator. If you have any further questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at michalk@stanford.edu., Michal Kosinski, Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Magda was a member of the World’s Bank Research Team working on a qualitative assessment “Gender and Economic Decision making” to inform the World’s Bank World Development Report on Gender (WDR 2012). Magda proved to be a strong researcher, experienced in conducting and facilitating focus group interviews. She had great contact with research subjects and contributed to the overall success of the research process. I very much appreciated her experience and professionalism., Greta Gober, Postdoctoral Fellow at Stockholm University

Magda is very involved in carrying out the tasks which she undertakes. Whatever she does, you can see great professionalism and individual approach to each particular case. Before starting to work she initially verifies the needs and adjusts the program to the client’s expectations. Firmly committed to the progress of work, she mobilizes to achieve better and faster results., Katarzyna Szczecka, Senior Insurance Specialist at PZU


Doctor Zena presents clear goals and motivates a client to achieve them. Furthermore, she demonstrates great empathy and interpersonal skills. She explains roots of problems a person is struggling with in a very understandable way. Adapting her work style to requirements of a person who is under her care is her strength. I see here an open attitude: she listens carefully and does not display any prejudice or stereotypical thinking. She knows the latest discoveries in the industry and builds on them in her work. Magda is competent, open, reliable, assertive and engaged. Finally, she has great interpersonal skills and substantive knowledge. I highly recommend working with Magda., Marzena Denkiewicz, Director of Digital Media and Communication, Business Centre Club

Magda Zena is an inspiring person. A teacher, a coach, a psychologist – all in one. She knows a lot about psychology, languages, philosophy and arts, so you won’t be bored with her. You can tell she doesn’t work for money. It is a true pleasure to work under her supervision and I truly recommend her service to anyone who needs to improve., Pawel Szerling, Project Manager at McKinsey

I worked under the direct supervision of doctor Magda Zena and I am glad to get the wider perspective on a process of learning. It has become my good daily habit. Magda is very open to suggestions and listens with care, so she is exceptional in gentle uncovering your weaknesses to making these parts of you stronger. She can explain complex issues in a compact, simple way., Szymon Pawlik, CTO at lunching.pl

I started to work with Magda when I decided to change my job and wanted to uplift my soft skills, especially speaking in public. After the first meeting Magda assessed my weaknesses and led the sessions the way I could improve all of them. Every session was well-prepared and focused on job interviews. All materials were very interesting so I didn’t get bored for a second. I gradually stopped being afraid to speak in public so I was talking in social situations more and more. It reflected well on my networking and helped me find a job. I recommend this service for people who try to find a job. , Mirek A., Manager at Orange

Magda Zena is very professional with CV reviewing. She has an amazing ability to determine the type of employee observing human’s behaviour and interview made by short assessment. I definitely recommend her to improve your CV., Aleksandra Laba, Retail Specialist at Nike

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