The history of INSTHEA: Magda Zena's PhD graduation

The history of INSTHEA

The history of INSTHEA is a long story. It started in Warsaw in 2012 as a private practice of dr Magda Zena Michalska – Sadurska. After 6 years of work as a researcher and a lecturer, she decided to start a business that would bring modern psychology to workplace.

At the time, there were many outdated methods in psychological practice on one hand, and a lot of novel research never put in practice on the other. The idea was to bridge this gap: to offer high quality psychological service, based on newest scientific findings.

The initial name of the company was Institute of Theano. Magda Zena chose this name to honour Theano: the mathematician who discovered the theory of the Golden Mean, the extraordinary woman of science. This name reflected the company’s focus on research and balance that is a key factor in mental well-being. With time INSTHEA’s clients have shortened this name to INSTHEA. Nowadays it operates under this shorter version.

INSTHEA served companies and institutions as well as individuals. The list of clients’ industries include IT and telecommunication, education, sport, management, consulting, law and medicine. From 2012 to 2018 it operated mainly in Poland. It provided training, coaching and counselling in Orange, McKinsey, BNP Paribas, Business Centre Club, UPS, Warsaw City Council, Warsaw School of Economics and many SMEs.

In 2018 dr Magda Zena moved to London. Since 2019 she is a chartered member of British Psychological Association (CPsychol). In 2019 INSTHEA was officially registered in the UK. Since then clients from the UK, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands have been using a wide range of services offered by INSTHEA. This is the history of INSTHEA. We hope you will be a part of its future!

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